Know your Hair Type & Select Right Hair Care Products

on Aug 18, 2019 in Hair Tips

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Hair is the statement of style, an affirmation of beauty and an expression of self-love. Its the reflection of an individual that glorifies the looks of an individual. Its the core obligation to protect this natural beauty talented by the almighty. A small error can make you repent for the life time. To keep this beauty long-lasting one should beware while selecting the hair care.

The significant thing that is needed to be done is to know the kind of hair you are having. Based on the quality you can pick the items best matched for your hair type. There are several requirements that can be considered while evaluating your hair type.

kind of hair

Identify the Hair Density – To Determine the density stand in front of mirror. Partition your hair in the middle. Focus the root hairs that covers your scalp. Based on the area of skin that is seen, the density can be classified as:

Extremely Dense – If no part is seen around the partition that indicates the density is extremely thick.

Reasonably Dense – If a few of the scalp area can be seen then your density is medium.

Low Dense – If the big part of scalp is clearly visible then you have thin density.

In some cases there is a variation in the density. To find most proper outcome do this test by holding the piece of hair from different spots.

Figure out the Porosity of Hair – Wash appropriately utilizing the shampoo and conditioner you usually use. Wash well and pat them dry partly utilizing the towel. They can be:

Extremely Permeable – If your hair is wet and sticky that indicates the porosity is upto an excellent level as it maintain a big quantity of wetness.

Reasonably Permeable – If hair is bit wet however non sticky then it maintain a medium level of wetness and is having medium porosity.

Lowly Porous – If the hair is primarily dry that implies it has not kept any wetness and is lowly permeable.

Drifting Test for Examining Porosity – The another way to examine the porosity is drifting test. Go out the hair of your hair and let it drift in a open utensil.

Identify Your Hair Texture – Do shampoo and dry naturally utilizing towel. Cut a thread of approximately the same length of your hair. Get your hair strand of complete length. Place the thread and your hair side by side on a clear surface from where both can be examined appropriately.