Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

on Jan 8, 2019 in Hair Tips

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Monsoon is well-known for bringing the plant and end of the heat wave. It is furthermore known for hair damage which happens due to severe humidity.

Keep Your Hair Dry

You may have the desire to get your hair wet in the rain, keep in mind that rain water is dirty and acidic, which is truly dreadful for the hair. This is certainly among the least complex yet best idea.

Use Shampoo Two Times A Week

It is simple to get crinkly, unhealthy hair amidst monsoon and hence using a good shampoo can sustain your hairs and avoid infectious or bacterial contaminations. Always shampoo from root to pointer.

hair care tips for monsoon

Oil Massage

There’s absolutely nothing more as helpful for your hair throughout the monsoon season as a oil massage. Supplies extreme conditioning. Remember not to make use of an excess of massage else you’ll wind up over-shampooing in an effort to remove the oil, which will damage your hair.

Prevent Tying

If you’re binding your hair throughout the monsoon season, then you’re inviting water to get taken in, which will make it frizzier. In cases, if you really have to connect your hair, then select basic designs like ponytails and buns.

Remaining Water Resistant Is Great

The most perfect technique to protect your hair in the monsoon season is to put some money in a high quality water resistant raincoat, coat with a hoodie or cap.


Get The Very Best Brush or Comb

There’s is just no doubt that a brush or large tooth comb is your most strong option throughout the monsoon season. Not simply does it assist in detangling your hairs, in fact, it furthermore works as an exceptional conditioning brush.

Condition Your Hair Correctly

The proper method to condition your hair is by avoiding using an extreme quantity of conditioner and using conditioner simply at the ends and lengths of your hair. Do not forget to make use of a broad tooth brush, as defined before as it will supply the conditioner a good spread.

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